Contact Miracle Salad/Sunny Walker


If you would like to contact me about SEO, link sharing, purchasing the domain/website, and/or ad placement, save your effort. Such emails will be deleted without response and you will be blocked.

Otherwise, I am happy to hear about your experience with Miracle Salad. You may email me at website (at) miraclesalad (dot) com.

Please be forewarned that I do not check that email regularly so if I do not respond to you within a reasonable amount of time, do not take it personally. It is me, not you.

If you would like to report a bug, please be as clear as possible and provide as much detail as possible. I often get bug reports about the time sheet calculator which are not actually bugs but stem in confusion about calculating time. I will not be offended if you make a bug report—time calculations can be difficult and is the reason I wrote the tool!

If you are appreciative of the content and tools offered here, I accept most forms of thanks, be they words, funny GIFs, donations, whitelisting the site on your ad blocker, or other.